Gloria's Pill Cases is a family owned Mother-Daughter business.  Gloria has been sewing for as long as she can remember.  It has always been a favorite hobby of hers, so it was only natural that when she started to look for a product that would adequately store and protect her and her husband's pills, she turned to sewing. There were no existing 7-day pill organizers that could be thrown into her purse without worrying about the pills falling out. She came up with the idea of taking her existing 7-day plastic round pill organizer and creating a zippered fabric case to enclose it. She diligently worked at designing a pattern and after three years of design tweaks and improvements, the Zip-A-Round Pill Case was born.

In those years she made Zip-A-Rounds in different fabrics that she liked, and started making them for friends and family. Everyone had their own favorite designs.  Gloria then decided to start selling her pill cases and participated in craft fairs and church sales and found that her product was well received. The next step was to sell online.  Lynn, her daughter, had been selling online for a few years and decided to put a few pill cases on eBay and the Zip-A-Rounds were met with enthusiasm from their customers.  From there, Gloria and Lynn decided it was time to form Gloria's Pill Cases. 

Gloria and Lynn run Gloria's Pill Cases together and continue to develop new designs and products. Gloria's and Lynn's pride in their work and perfectionism is the foundation of the company's philosophy of providing the highest quality product possible.