Quotes from our Customers

My husband really liked my pill box which arrived today and as he needs to take tablets with him wherever we go, having had major surgery. He has been pestering me for mine so I am buying him this one which I am sure he will love. It will fit in his jacket pocket lovely and mine can go in my handbag which is what I purchased it for. Thank you for supplying a really useful product which looks good.
— Brenda, United Kingdom
This is an excellent pill carrier and absolutely beautifuly made. I was not aware that the back drop of the design was metalic gold which was a very welcome surprise.
— Dale, NY
I really love this pill case. It’s actually much larger than I thought. It’s about the size of the palm of my hand (without my fingers). It holds my pills well. It’s easy to fill and use. And I can find it easily in my purse. The thing I love the most about it though, is how well the fabric cover is made and how pretty it is. It’s great that it doesn’t look like a big plastic case of pills. I have it in red poppy and it looks like a really nice change purse. I’ve gotten compliments on it from people who didn’t even know what it was.
— C, CA
Great little device to keep pills hidden. Well made and easy to use
— Rob, VA
My Zip-A-Round holds a lot of pills yet is so compact for my purse.
— Marlene, CA
I love my pill case! It is so cute and easy to use. I really appreciate how discreet it looks. Super fast shipping and a great product!
— Bianca
Great product, fits in handbag, looks great and fast delivery
— E. Scott
Lovely quality... will fit in my handbag perfect... first class product.
— Brenda, United Kingdom
Just what I needed. Thank you very much.
— Sandra, TN
This is great. Just what i was looking for!
— Yancy, LA
This fits 7 oblong tablets and two small ones. Very secure. Love the case
— Rachel, FL
Love the paws!! Great item!
— Dina, IL
I always take my pill case with me. Just can’t leave home without it.
— Amparo, TX
I used to lose my pills. Now the zippered case keeps them in place!
— Vicky, WA
Awesome pill case - Thanks!
— Linda, CA
Very cute. It makes me smile even though I have to then take my medicine. Might as well have something cute to store it in. Thank you!
— Andrea, CA
Holds all my pills and is stylish besides! Well made and not too big. The fabric muffles the sound of the pills in the plastic so the case doesn’t make a rattle sound in my bag. Love it.
— Cynthia, CA
Shipped quickly, amazing quality, and thanks for changing the color of the pill holder box for me!
— Jasmine, IL
Excellent communications with store and true to her word, the pill case arrived right on time. For my purposes, I had to remove the inner plastic pill keeper, so I now have a nice, soft, lightweight carrier for all the pills I have to keep with me at all times. The size of the case is large enough to spread pills out so I an see which one I want and it is small enough to fit into most of my pockets. For someone who needs to carry pills to take multiple times a day, this is a good way to do it.
— Polly, IN
An adorable way to keep pills, especially if you take a lot of pills at different times of the day - I got the sunflower print and star print for AM and PM, and then the Hello Kitty print for midday, and it makes it SO much easier to remember my meds having a separate container with a time-appropriate print to remind me :) Very flexible about swapping out colors of pillcase inserts, I just had to ask! And shipping was lightning fast. Love this product and appreciate the seller!
— phairbear
Exactly what I was looking for:) thank you:)
— B
Lovely pill box arrived in perfect condition.
— M
Love!!! Thanks so much and fast shipping! I’ll be back!
— J
Nice little case!
— Joseph, TX
Pill areas are big and can fit 3 metformin (very large tablets) and many other smaller tablets into one day and I STILL have room.

The case isn’t very big, the outside is very classy and looks nothing like a pill case. Zipper is quality as well. Pill holder part is held in by velcro so it doesn’t fall out when you zip the container open.

I’ve gone through many travel pill cases and this is by far the best.
This fits 7 oblong tablets and two small ones. Very secure. Love the case
— Rachel, FL
This is a wonderful pill carrier, my Daughter has one so I ordered one and now want another one. You will love it!
— Karen, FL
Just the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Everyone needs one of these, they are elegant, practical and perfect for carrying all your necessary pills everywhere.
— Vivian, FL
This is an excellent pill carrier and absolutely beautifuly made. I was not aware that the back drop of the design was metalic gold which was a very welcome surprise.
— Dale, NY
It’s definitely bigger than I expected but that’s good! I can fit all my meds and vitamins in
— Demi, CO
Delivered quickly and as shown. Considering getting more colors! Loved that it was faux (looks amazing!)
— J-L
First pill case I’ve owned that doesn’t pop open. Has a pretty cloth cover and is secure. Now I don’t have to rummage through vitamin bottles. I just fill up the case and I’m good for the week. Thanks!
— V, NY
Absolutely beautiful container to fit my vitamin box. Love it for travel!
— Melanie
Beautiful and functional! Helps me actually remember my meds. Such quick delivery too!
— Emily, WA
This case is lovely and even nicer than pictured. It keeps pills organized and is unobtrusive in a purse.
— Alexa, Canada
Perfect pill case. I love the fabric and the fact that my prescriptions, vitamins, and supplements are concealed. The pill slots are average size, so I stash as many different pills in each slot as I can and carry them with me. Just like any pill case, you will need to refill the slots regularly.
— Andie, KY
I love love love this and want to buy one for everyone that needs it! Just beautiful
— Dianne
Great pillbox, which easily fits my 5 tablets/day. It’s discrete and pills can’t fall out even if the plastic clasps fail, because of the zipper. Love it!
— Joanne, Netherlands
Two years ago I bought 3 of these pill cases. At Christmas time I gave one each of my two friends at work and I kept one for myself. My two friends love it and they were very grateful because they used it for bringing their medicines to work and when they travel. I love mine because its small and can easily be put in my purse.
— Lily, WA
Just the perfect gift for the person who has everything. Everyone needs one of these, they are elegant, practical and perfect for carrying all your necessary pills everywhere.
— Vivian, FL
It’s great. It holds all my pills with no problem and now I don’t have to search all over the bottom of my purse because the latch has opened. The zipped does the job.
— Paula, NV
This is well made and a great shape. I am able to hold four large vitamin sized pills plus five small ones in each day. It could only be more perfect if the center opened for non-daily or as-needed pills.
— Rachel, FL
I love to travel and I take 2 Zip-A-Round pill cases along. They are so easy to find in my handbag.
— Elsa, WA
Arrived quickly. It is just as pictured and it is made of good materials and is well made. Thank you!
— P, FL
This pill case is so functional and designer all together. Such a great product. Thank you!
— Niccie
Item as described. Fantastic quality and thanks to Gloria for changing the pill box colour on request.
— Alicia
Very attractive. Love it.
— Priscilla, MI
I love to travel with my Zip-A-Round pill cases. It is so easy to take my meds on the plane.
— Romie, WA
Just what I was looking for!
— Randy, FL
It is so beautiful, it does not look like a pill case!
— Nita, WA
Superb item
— Jeanette, NY
This pill case is not only adorable its design is stylish, well made and best of all if u didn’t know better looks like a cute makeup compact so best of all discreet and holds alot of pills. In my opinion you will not find a better container out there.
— Jennifer, WA
I really love this pill case. It is pretty and fits nicely in my purse. With the zipper everything stays secure. It was exactly what I was looking for.
— Cheryl, TX
I have had my night and day Zip-A-Round pill cases for 3 years and they are still zipping along
— Fred, CA
Very well made product.
— Sarah, TX
Great item! Now my pill box doesn’t open and spill inside my purse! This holds more pills than I thought it would! And it’s well made and MUCH cutier than the “old people” pill cases at the drugstore! Super happy! I plan to buy more as gifts around the holidays!
— Stefanie, TX
Wonderful item! I can’t believe it fits all of my vitamins and calcium giant tablets! Will get one for my mom next. Thanks!
— Carolyn, GA
Lovely, unique item. Very happy.
— Tegan, Australia
Second one I’ve purchased! Gave this one as a gift. Thanks for making such a great product!
— Stephanie
Really nice. Bought two for myself and gave one as a gift.
— J, TX
I ordered 2 faux leather pill cases from Gloria’s Pill Cases (http://gloriaspillcases.com) and I received email notifications every step along the way. The range available was fantastic, the inserts are a great size/capacity and you can even buy spare inserts separately in different colours to style as you go! Great online shop with a large range and highly professional customer service standards, would recommend to anyone.
— C, Australia
Great, compact, just the right size.
— Kenzie
This is a lovely 7 day pill holder. It easily holds several pills and takes up very little room in my pocketbook. The picture does not capture how lovely it is. Only problem, my daughter wanted one just like mine but it is out of stock.
— Dale, NY
I love this case! It’s the perfect size and it looks so nice
— Maureen

I love the fact that I can fit 1 week of vitamins and allergy pills in this case and even take them with me if need be! It does not look like it’s a pill case, and that’s why it’s simply awesome
— Chip
This is a great item. Very roomy daily compartments for those pesky medications that keep you bright and bushy tailed. Elegant luxurious leather case. Convenient for my purse or bedside. I really love this as a way of making sure I have my medications with me each day, just in case I have to rush out in a fog. Love it.
— Deborah, NJ
So cute and functional! Thank you!
— Liz
This is a very well-made item and exactly what I was looking for. A stylish way to carry every day pills, like Tylenol or Advil, in my bag without them falling out to the bottom. Cute and perfect!
— Julie
Love this pill case! It came just in time for my vacation and was perfect in every way. I’m in love with the print and made taking meds a little better, since I dread looking at the orange med containers. Thank you!
— Jenny, WA
This pill case is a little bigger than I expected, which is wonderful! It fits all of my medicines and supplements without being bulky, the pattern is beautiful, the materials are of very nice quality and I love that it has a little pocket to put a note in. I would definitely recommend this shop and this item!
— Araby, OH
This is the second case I have ordered because I love the first one so much. Smallest to keep pills in and happy to look at. Well made and highly recommend! Thanks!!
— Carolyn, GA